an abundance of calm

A while back, I snagged a load of this Rowan Calmer yarn on clearance (like, um, under $4 a ball…jealous?)


Pretty, no?  In one of my favorite colors, pink.  Of course, since it was cheap, and the color was being discontinued, I of course bought a lot of it.  Maybe…oh….15 balls.  Originally I was thinking of some kind of crazy cabled cardigan with long sleeves, etc. so it was not TOTALLY inconceivable that I might use all of it in a single garment (Okay, it was.  I don’t know what my deal is but I always think that a sweater for me is going to use at least 2000 yards of yarn and this is pretty much NEVER the case.  So 2,625 yards is extra nutty).

Fast forward to now, a year or so later.  While the cardigan idea still has some charm, I’m thinking this would be better in a short or 3/4 sleeve variation, and probably with just a simple lace pattern, not a load of yarn munching cables.  Which means a lot of yarn left over.  Soooo….

1) Would it be horrible of me to make myself TWO spring/summery garments in the exact same yarn?  I do love the color.

2) If not, should I

a) try to dye it?

b) make a second garment, but give it to someone else (who will love and appreciate it as much as I will)?

c) sell/trade yarn for money/yarn/other items?

As I haven’t even cast on for the first garment these questions are all somewhat academic at the moment but I like to think things over in advance.

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