the perils of knitting dangerously

So, the baby sweater is going to require some reworking. When I started, I was a little nervous about whether or not I would have enough of the gray yarn. It was the end of a cone, the yardage was….who knows?, the yarn was four years old and had been a closeout on Elann, and I’d grown to dislike the sweater I’d made with the rest of it so much (BPT, if anyone cares. Nice cardigan but with waaaaaaaaay too much bulk around the underarms) that I’d given it to the thrift store two years ago. So, the yarn on the cone was It. And it appears It is, in fact, not going to be quite enough.


Time to rip the yoke and reknit with some stripes, as I suspected I was going to have to do all along.

On a less frustrating note, I made more cupcakes last night:

Maple cupcakes

These are maple cupcakes with a walnut butter-maple syrup topping.  Delicious.

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