For my birthday last week, my parents gave me a new cookbook, Veganomicon (yes, I continue to cook at the altar of Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero. I do own, and even occasionally use, other author’s cookbooks, in case you’re wondering). Naturally, I was super excited to try out a new recipe:

This is the tomato-asparagus quiche. Except that I used a can of artichokes in place of asparagus, because I’m trying to use up random stuff in my cabinets. Also, fresh herbs are expensive, AND I then forgot to get dried tarragon at the co-op (even though it was RIGHT THERE ON MY LIST), so, you know…more substitutions had to be made. A bit of dried basil and fennel was employed instead of the tarragon. Overall, I have no idea if it tastes how it’s *supposed* to taste, but it’s pretty good regardless:


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