Over my weekend vacation I…

Ripped and reknit the baby cardigan yoke, this time with stripes:


I did this mostly while lounging around in San Francisco on Sunday afternoon, an activity I highly recommend if you can find an opportunity to try it out. Especially if you can find someone who will provide a delicious brunch and some especially delicious brownies for you to eat along with all the lounging and knitting.

At any rate, I think the stripes came out quite nicely! Although I think my original idea of embroidering flowers on the body would now be Way Too Much. So now I just need to: knit front bands, sew underarms up, make button loop, find and attach a button, and weave in the ends.

Here’s a little close up of the stripes:


The method is very easy–k 2 rows contrast, k1 row main color, p 1 row main color, repeat.  Which gives you a nice garter ridge of the contrast colors.  I think I may use this little striping method again–I love garter stitch for baby things.

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