Maple-orange pinwheels (or, more Veganomicon)

My exploration of Veganomicon continues, this time with a breadlike thing:


Maple orange pinwheels. Delicious. I made these for a brunch on Sunday and these are the few leftovers, which are actually now somewhat further depleted as I have been eating a pinwheel for breakfast for the past couple of days since this photo was taken. I didn’t bother with the icing (mostly because I totally forgot to buy confectioner’s sugar….) and while I think it would probably improve things somewhat, they are still quite tasty. Plus, the lack of icing makes it feel less like I am eating dessert for breakfast and more like everyday appropriate breakfast food:) If I were making these again I would probably also add in the optional raisins and maybe also some nuts–walnuts or pecans seem like they would work well.

I especially love the little flecks of color provided by the bits of orange peel:

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