cupcakes x2

Yes, that’s right. I made not one, but TWO batches of cupcakes last night. These are for a party I’m going to this weekend.

First up are a batch of Lemon Gem cupcakes. Fresh out of the oven:

And after the application of a lemon buttercream icing and some yellow sprinkles:
This recipe is actually NOT from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. It’s a Vegan With a Vengeance recipe (same author). So it doesn’t count as part of my “bake everything in VCTOTW” project. Nonetheless, they were fun cupcakes to make and they’ve turned out pretty well. You’ll notice I’ve also started to get a little fancier with my icing job–that’s right, I bought an icing tip. I think I may be investing in a few more.

The second batch of cupcakes ARE a VCTOTW creation, chocolate orange:

And after the icing application:

The chocolate orange cupcakes are just a variation on the basic chocolate recipe–add a teaspoon or so of orange extract to the batter, as well as some grated orange zest (I added several very generous pinches). The frosting is actually the leftover lemon buttercream with orange extract, a little orange juice, and more powdered sugar added (the lemon was a little on the runny side). I also put in some orange zest here for added color. A warning about the zest in icing thing–it will totally clog a smaller icing tip. So for these cupcakes I went the “place icing in a plastic bag and cut a small hole in the corner” technique, which I had never tried before. I don’t know if I’ll do it again. First off, it’s a total waste of a plastic bag (although the one I used had already had several previous uses, so…). Secondly, the hole tends to grow in size as the icing job progresses, so by the end of it you might be getting a really thick tube of icing. And finally, it just doesn’t look all that exciting. So in future–bigger icing tips, or leave the zest out of the icing completely.

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