I know I’ve been posting infrequently these days, but it seems a bit pointless to make posts like “2 more rows of ribbing!!”. Stranded colourwork is slow going, especially when you’re doing it in a 4-ply yarn. And extra especially when you have to rip a lot of it out! Anyway, I’ve restarted the sweater, and I’m almost halfway through the first pattern repeat:


By my calculation, the body up to the armholes should be a little over 3 repeats, which means I’m approximately 1/3 into the pre-armhole portion of things. Then of course at the armholes there will be all sorts of decreasing so I expect things will speed up a bit. And then there are the solid colored sleeves, which I imagine will practically fly off the needles in comparison. All that will be followed by the finishing, where I’ll be slicing into my very first steeks. That’s right, I’ve had it with this back and forth colorwork madness. This project is going to be 100% in the round.

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