Note to self: there’s a reason airlines put a maximum weight restriction on your luggage. And it’s not just because they’re misers about fuel.

After lugging my suitcase (47 pounds), plus a small bag (14 pounds), plus my backpack (weight uncertain, but it contained my laptop) through the airport, from the train to the bus stop, and then from the bus stop to my house, in the rain, yesterday, I seem to have strained my left shoulder a bit. Ouch. I think I’ll be taking today off from knitting (of course, I’m probably going to be so busy catching up on my mail, grocery shopping, and cooking that I won’t have much time to knit anyway). On the bright side, some of that luggage weight was “new” yarn (i.e. from my east coast stash), like this:

and this:

I also brought back a lot of oddballs for a pink/purple afghan I’m planning. More on that later.

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