new toys

While I may not be buying much in the way of yarn at the moment, there’s no restriction on accessories. Especially when it’s an awesome accessory like this one:


I found this scale while out at the thrift store this weekend (along with a springform cake pan and a new mug for the office, to replace the one that shattered when I dropped it in the sink last week). It’s intended to be a postage scale, but of course, you know what I’m planning on using it for. Weighing yarn so I know how much I’ve used. I’m thinking this’ll be especially useful for something like Anne, where I’ve used a couple of partial balls and I’m not sure how partial they were. I imagine it’ll also be useful for the various recipes I have kicking around with the ingredients in metric.

Plus, it was only $3.93 (yes, that’s right…the thrift store has a really *odd* pricing scheme on some items).

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