looks guilty

I think I wrote something last week about not starting new projects until I finished something. Ummmmmm:
In my defense, I needed something *really* mindless that I could do in the dark and didn’t involve the possibility of double pointed needles, as my schedule for this quarter involves a half-hour (each way) carpool to one of my classes.

In case you’re wondering or it isn’t clear….it’s eventually going to be a blanket. Like pretty much anyone who’s been knitting for any length of time, I have all sorts of oddballs kicking around: project leftovers, that one ball of something I *had* to get, that one ball of something else somebody gave me, etc. None of it really enough for a project in it’s own right. A while back I took a lot of my leftovers in blue/gray/brown sort of shades and made a log cabin afghan, which turned out pretty well. HOWEVER, I made the mistake of doing it on size 6 needles, and doing very narrow stripes, which made it take forever (and technically, I still haven’t sewn in all the ends). This time, I am learning from my mistakes a bit (and the color them is also different, obviously). I’ve bumped up to size 8 needles, which definitely speeds things along (and are still a suitable size for the vast majority of the yarn I’m planning to use). And there’s much more flexibility in terms of square sizes–I can do a small one if I only have a little bit of a particular one, or a large one if I want to use up a lot of yarn. And there should be minimal sewing as I’m simply picking up for new squares off the edges of old ones in most instances.

The last scrap afghan took me three years–I hope this one moves a little faster!

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