knitting weather and resurrected from the FO vault

We’re having cold, wet, miserable weather here right now. And I *love* it. It’s perfect for knitting and wearing knit sweaters. Right now I’m especially loving this one:
Fair Isle sweater from Vogue Knitting

that I knit last year. I brought it back out after my visit to NC in December and I admit, I was really uncertain whether or not it would get any wear. It is, after all, 100% wool, in a worsted weight, with the colorwork making some parts doubly thick. But it’s really been a lifesaver the past few days, keeping me warm in the rain and the wind. In case anyone is wondering, this is a Vogue pattern (from 2004), and I used Elann’s Peruvian Highland Wool to knit it. I know I always want to know how sweaters/yarns hold up after the initial “YAY! I’M DONE!” euphoria, so…

1. The sweater is great. I get lots of compliments (from non-knitters). I left off the sequins/beads the pattern calls for, which I think was a good idea. I did, however, add the buckle on the neckline and I’m glad I did as it adds a cute and unusual feature to the sweater without going overboard. If I were making this sweater over again, the main thing I would change would be to lengthen the body. I was forced to make it to exactly the length called for in the pattern because I was afraid I was running out of brown yarn (I had to make an extra wide lime green stripe up at the top to squeak out the length). And while it’s an okay length right now, it would be perfect with another inch or maybe even two.

2. Yarn. As everyone who’s been knitting for any length of time knows, Elann’s ‘house brand’ yarns are probably some of the cheapest natural fiber yarns out there (along with Knitpicks). And this yarn was no exception–shipping included, the sweater cost around $35 to make. For the price, I think this yarn is pretty high quality. I have had some pilling around the underarms, but it’s not too out of hand, and there is very little pilling anywhere else on the piece. And I’ve worn the sweater a LOT. I’ve definitely knit stuff with more expensive yarn that had worse pilling problems. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m not buying yarn online anymore, I would probably order this stuff again.

So that’s the deal with THAT sweater. I’ll have to take some “now” pictures of this and some of my other well-worn pieces and post them along with reviews of durability and whatnot.

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