inching along

The matchmaker fair isle (which needs a proper name, btw…ideas?) wound up coming along on the plane trip. However, I spent a good chunk of the trip napping (a pre-dawn waking time will do that for you) and reading (Suite Francaise, which I enjoyed, although it’s sad that you can never know how the whole thing ends), so things are not that much further on:


I have at least managed to work my way through a full pattern repeat, and I’ve currently got plenty of momentum to keep going. The only problem is…the gauge seems to be a bit off from my swatch. I’m fairly sure it’s a blockable issue though, and I’ll be doing a quick steam block of the piece I’ve got so far, just to make sure. I hope it’s a blockable issue–I don’t want to rip this out!

I was also sorting through my things last night and I have way too many projects going. I also realized I only finished two tops in 2007 (Samantha and Lillian), which seems on the low side to me (In 2006, I finished at least 4). Of course, I’ve made a number of small projects, not to mention the four months of my life that went to a mitered square blanket, so it’s not like I didn’t do anything. So right now I want to finish some things. Currently on the needles are:

1. Cherry Tree Hill sock #2

2. Matchmaker fair isle

3. Anne

4. Aisling

5. Deirdre

I think I need to try to finish at least two of these before I start anything else. The second sock should be a quick one to wrap up. Technically Aisling should also, but I am once again not entirely sure how I feel about the collar. The cables are rather asymmetrical, and while I’m fairly certain it might not be possible to fix that and keep with the current construction method, I’m still not certain I like it and I’m wondering if I should try a different tack.

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