Happy new year, etc.

I’ve been so busy enjoying my vacation I haven’t had time to post much lately:) But I have been doing some knitting:


The second go-round with this matchmaker yarn is going much better, although there isn’t quite enough of it yet to make sure *for certain* that the gauge hasn’t gone nuts on me. I do hope I’m going to have enough as this yarn has now been discontinued (seriously upsetting, you have no idea). The sweater I originally got this yarn for had solid colored sleeves, and I think I’m going to have to stick with that, using the darker purple. I also think I’ll probably be doing a deep v-neck or scoop neck, which will have the double advantage of a) using less yarn, and b) making this sweater more wearable in California. I’ll likely also be going with three-quarter length sleeves, for the same reason.

And as for New Year’s goes, my knitting related resolutions are to write more patterns (I finally sat down and did some work on Lillian last night), and buy less yarn–I’ve decided I’m not doing any online yarn purchases this year, but that buying from my LYS is okay. Partly because I like to support local businesses, but mostly because pretty much anything I buy at my LYS, I have a definite project in mind for (which I frequently actually knit), whereas I tend to buy stuff online just because it’s a great deal. And I really do enjoy the process of coming up with a project, buying the yarn, and then making the project, bypassing the whole mouldering in stash step. So this year I’ll be knitting down the stash and relieving the tedium of that with the occasional LYS purchase.

Also, I’m going to try to be better about finishing all my half started projects;)

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