ruminations on stash and stuff

No photos today, although I have finished one glove (except for the ends).  I’m not entirely certain about the finger lengths–I’m thinking I may not sew in the yarn ends at the finger tips until the sib has had a chance to try them on, just in case they are way off in size.  I’m looking forward to getting some serious knitting time in on #2 Tuesday afternoon, after my *last final presentation*.  I think I am going to go to the open knit session at Loop and Leaf, and see if I can knock out a bit of the colorwork.  Then I have a nice long cross-country flight, which should be a great opportunity for making fingers and what have you.  I’m also trying to decide what knitting to bring with me for the visit home.  I don’t want to bring too much, because a good deal of my stash is currently at my parents, and I need to have room in the suitcase to bring some more of it back out.  So I’m thinking maybe just Aisling (which I should also post photos of sometime…I’ve had to rip the cabled border a few times but it is finally looking right, so now I need to get on with the body and finish that thing), and then if I get that done, it’s not like I won’t have more yarn available.  Plus I have plenty of non-knitting knitting stuff to do during the trip (namely, write up Lillian!).

And, as 2008 approaches, I’m also contemplating the size of my stash and the need to reduce it somewhat.  I have actually been doing reasonably well on this front–I’ve only made a few (three, to be precise) yarn purchases since moving out here in August.  And I almost never buy just for the sake of acquiring yarn–I pretty much always have a project in mind.   However, the fact remains that I have a multi-year supply of yarn.  I’m debating going totally cold turkey on yarn purchases in 2008 and knitting exclusively from stash.  Because honestly, even if there is a fantastic sale on something or it’s being discontinued, something similar will come around eventually.  I certainly can’t think of any yarn that I’m kicking myself for *not* buying.  And I don’t think I’m too attached to the yarn I do own…I had a fair bit stolen out of my car this summer, and life went on.  Anyway, anyone ever done this?  Gone without buying any new yarn at all for a long period (say, six months or more)?  Good idea, bad idea?  Did you get less or more attached to your yarn?  I kind of wonder if doing it would be like saying you’re going to give up chocolate–as soon as you decide to do it, all you can think about is how much you would like a big, delicious bar of chocolate.  Maybe I would wind up with a closet full of cashmere come February.

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