pick and throw

The gloves continue:


Glove #2 is now just about ready to move into the colorwork…which means I need to finish the colorwork on glove 1 so I can switch the needles around.  One “nice” thing about this project is that it’s forcing me to practice my English style knitting.  Which is actually how I originally learned to knit, but I’ve gotten horrible rusty.  I often just hold the two colors in my left hand and pick out which one I need when doing colorwork, but this yarn is quite sticky, which makes picking out just one strand tricky.  So the two-handed method wins out for this one.

At any rate, they’re turning out well and the double thick fabric should make the hands nice and warm.  The brother who’s getting these lives in Boston so he actually has some use for warm gloves.  And this project is totally making me want to do more multi-color projects.  I have yarn for a couple of fair isle sweaters stashed away that I may have to pull out to start after Christmas.

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