it’s electric

Sorry about the general lack of posting. I did get my camera back, but I have been busy as all get out…there’s was a Christmas party hosted here Saturday so I was helping my mother with the cleaning+decorating.

Of course, I still managed to fit in some knitting on the sly:


This is some Cherry Tree Hill I received in a swap. I do rather love the bright electric pink…although I think it would be pretty tacky on anything other than my feet. These socks are just a basic toe up pattern with some ribbing up the ankles, and an afterthought heel. If I finish these, it’ll be my second finished pair of socks ever. I have a skein of Monarch sock yarn in the stash also, so there may be a pair #3 in the future. I still don’t know that I *really* enjoy making socks, mind you. But they really are superior to storebought socks–I like that they are warm but thinner than the big thick socks you get at REI or wherever. So they’re very practical. And I keep telling people knitting is a useful hobby so…might as well make something useful, right?

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