gloves, continued

Yes, I’m still working on the gloves:
Just the two and a half fingers and a thumb on this one left to go. I’m pretty sure I’ll be done by Christmas.  Seriously though, these things are huuuuuuge.  I’m using some generic measurements as a man’s large as the basis, and I know they are for hands larger than mine, but….I still can’t quite imagine anyone has a hand that big.

I think I may be making some more small accessory type things in the future. They are so quick and fun! I have an idea for some armwarmers floating around and I’ve been thinking I could use a pair for the office…I occasionally find myself working on Saturdays and the heat gets turned way down over the weekends. And Beatrice could do with a hat to match. But I also can think of three or four sweaters/cardigans that I reallyreallyreally want to make, NOW (not to mention the ones I should be finishing….), so I don’t think I’ll be crossing completely over to the accessories dark side just yet.

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