:( and a new pattern

I left my camera at a party Saturday night (despite thinking “don’t you dare forget that“, as I put it on a coffee table). So no photos. BUT. I did finish the gloves on the plane ride home and now I’m working on Aisling and making some socks. Photos ASA-I-make-arrangements-to-retrieve-my-camera. I do, however, have the pattern for the Manus gloves available for download. I’ve decided to make this one available for free, because the colorwork pattern is really too long to size down below a men’s large. I have some ideas for which rows *I* would cut out to make a shorter and smaller size, but they might not be the same rows *you* would cut. So, enjoy:



There is also the full details page, and a Ravelry pattern page, of course. Also, as I said above, this pattern is meant to be free, but I am doing the whole PDF download thing because it is too long to just slap up on a webpage. If you try to download the pattern and the download service tries to charge you, PLEASE contact me (catherine AT studiomarlowe DOT com) and I’ll figure out what’s going on.

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