Yesterday evening I arrived home and the yarn I had ordered from Artfibers was waiting in the mailbox (Valparaiso #5, if anyone’s interested. I’m using it for the cable bits). And despite the fact that it’s almost definitely a different dyelot, there were no glaring differences between yarns. I broke out Lillian, and excitedly set to work finishing off the neckband, visions of a lovely new top to sport on Friday spurring me on. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be this Friday:


The particular point of contention is this:


I have about six inches of yarn left, which is clearly not going to create six plus inches of cables. Obviously I should have ordered more yarn. Artfibers recently changed the quantities in which yarn is sold, and you don’t appear to be able to order a single 50g ball online, you have to order a large (and pricey) cone. Since I don’t need a large cone, I decided to just order a few “samples” (10 yards each). Apparently I should have ordered one or two more.  Le sigh.  To be perfectly honest, I’m thisclose to just ditching the cables on the neck completely and finishing it off with an i-cord edging or some single crochet.

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