shades of grey

Last night I went to knit group (possibly not a good idea in light of the massive amount of schoolwork I am supposed to be getting done within the next two weeks, but…whatever.  I had to get out).  I had brought the brother gloves along, but upon arriving realized that the chart was still chilling out at home on my coffee table, probably having fun conversations with the books and a beat-up copy of Newsweek addressed to the previous occupant (the last people in my apartment get SO. MANY. MAGAZINES.).  Fortunately, I did have my trusty size 1 needles, so I just started the cuff on glove #2:


I also managed (I think) to lose one of my #3 DPNs, so the first glove is currently on a circular and I’m having to magic loop it.  It’s okay.  I guess.  I really prefer the double  points.

The other thing I tried to do was string a few seed beads onto some 4-ply soft for a  test of the beaded gloves in a larger gauge.  Well.  The yarn is just enough thicker that getting the beads on is an uphill battle.  I don’t think I want to go looking for larger beads, as that might make the whole thing start to look clunky.  However, I did realize that the Shetland Spindrift I’m using  for the gloves above is knitting up to almost exactly the same gauge as the purple no-name yarn (and has the same yards/50g).  So….

I’m going to see if it’s also relatively easy to string beads onto the SS.  If so, then I’ll be writing the glove pattern in just one gauge (the one I used), and recommending SS, which is fairly easy to get hold of (at least here in the US).  And there are definitely some other fair isle yarns that can be subbed in.  I think that’ll solve the problem of the pattern being in an accessible gauge/yarn, and save me the trouble of having to jigger around with it too terribly much.  So we all win!

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