There’s actually been loads of knitting going on lately….I’ve just been too busy to post about it.

-Friday my second sample from Artfibers arrived. It was just enough to finish the neckband on Lillian. However, the neckband sort of pulled things in a bit more than I was anticipating and now I’m debating undoing, ripping the yoke, and making it a little longer. I’ve sewn in all the non-yoke related ends and it’s getting a test-drive today.

-Friday one of my friends from NC also arrived in town. She’s a knitter to, so Friday evening we lounged around with movies and our respective projects.

-Saturday was taken up almost entirely by checking out the yarn stores in town. We biked into downtown and spent some time at Knit and Pearl, and also a yarn store that’s just opened, Loop and Leaf. I’d never been to Loop and Leaf (seeing as how it is new and all) and they had some really nice inventory–I finally saw some Tilli Thomas yarn in person.

-Sunday was more knitting–my beaded gloves are coming along nicely and I expect I’ll be starting the fingers on the first one soon.

-Today I’m working a bit this morning, but the afternoon is going to be all about beaded gloves.

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