glove love

My beaded gloves (which need a name….hmm), hit a small snag Tuesday evening.  They were found to be too big.  I had done a bit of increasing after finishing the cuff and, well, apparenty I went overboard.  So I had to rip back down to the cuff and start over.  On the plus side, the gloves are much better looking on now.  Also, I really have the lace/bead pattern down now, so I’m zipping along.  And, few stitches around means the gloves are way faster to knit.  I’m now just past the thumb gusset and I might even be venturing into fingers territory soon:


An action shot:


This is the right hand glove and I am horribly right handed (which is really quite embarassing as a) I was able to right equally well with both hands up until at least the age of 10, and b) left-handedness actually runs in my family.  You would think I would show some level of ambidexterity).  The result is that taking a photo of the glove on the hand is quite tricky.  Probably also quite amusing to watch, if you are an innocent bystander.

And of course, the best part of knitting with beads is having this nice rope of beaded yarn to play with:


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