Yesterday Lillian got hauled out for a photo shoot. Check it out.

The front:



the back:

Neckline close-up:

Back neck:


I’ve decided I’m pretty happy with the yoke length after all…but I have to be wearing the right bra. Which is the de facto situation with EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE. of clothing I own (well, pants and skirts excepted, of course). So if I were to alter the length it would just cease working with this bra and start working with another one. I suppose there are some things even custom sizing can’t get around!

At any rate, I am planning to release the pattern for this, which means I’m writing up the pattern right now and would love to have some test knitters when I have a draft ready to go. Interested? Leave a comment or email me (catherine AT studiomarlowe DOT com).

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