My yarn diet has experienced a small hiccup:

Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift, purchased at Loop and Leaf. In my defense, I have a definite plan for this yarn, AND I’ve already cast on. Look!


It’s going to be another pair of gloves…these ones will be a Christmas present for my brother. Really, I should have finished ripping and reknitting the truly awful sweater I made him for Christmas five years ago, but I’m hoping this will do instead. I’m planning a little colorwork on the main part of the glove.  I think these will be good guy gloves–mostly subtle greys, with a touch of red thrown in for interest. Gray and red are his school colors also, so that was a nice bonus. Depending on how much of the contrast colors I have leftover, I may pick up some more of the darker grey and make a hat to match.  Or would that be too much?

Of course, I haven’t abandoned the beaded gloves–my chilly bike riding hands won’t allow it. I’m down to the fingers so I think I’ll be having an FO post pretty soon.  And I’ve been taking lots of notes, so there should be a pattern to go with the photos eventually also.

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