I was taking a shower this morning and was suddenly overtaken with a desire to frog Anne and redo her in the round. This isn’t the first time I’ve thought about it, in fact, if I write up the pattern, it will almost definitely be in the round, because I think a better job on the side decreases could be done that way. The only reason I didn’t frog before is that I was mostly done with the back by the time I really came to that conclusion. Of course, now I am also mostly done with the front. As a reminder:



I admit, the idea of ripping out that much 4-ply stitching makes me more than a little sick.  But, if it will make a better finished product….maybe it’s worth it?  I think I’m going to be doing a little charting and swatching soon to really figure out whether or not the lace decrease issue is worth the fuss.

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