Since Lillian has been brought to a crashing halt six inches from the finish line, I spent my knitting time this weekend catching up on another project:


It’s curling in a bit at the edges so you can’t see, but I just did the armhole bind off. Another inch or two and it’ll be time to start the neckline shaping. I’ve decided I’m not doing an official NaKniSweMo sweater, I’m just going to try to finish off Anne and Aisling.

And possibly also starting another small project.


I know, more purple. Maybe I should make a project of knitting through my stash by color, what do you think? Anyway, since I’ve started biking to school I’ve realized that it was very silly of me to leave my gloves back in North Carolina. Sure, it’s not exactly cold here, but my hands get the full brunt of whatever cold there is when I’m out biking. So I thought a pair of delicate, feminine gloves would be just the thing. I don’t want something super heavy as I’ll then arrive at school with sweat pouring off my hands. This is some 100% wool yarn I bought off elann almost 4 years ago. I have a couple of pounds of it, so I’ll need to come up with a few more suitable projects to use it all up. I rather like the look of the beads…I think I could quite easily go on a beaded knitting kick.

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