video killed the radio star

Since I moved, I’ve effectively given up television. Not for any particular virtuous reason, but simply because I don’t personally own one and so far it’s simply seemed like too much effort/too expensive. Also, at the moment, my chair reupholstering project is taking place in the corner where a TV might normally go and I’m not sure where I’d displace it too (the patio, I suppose). This means I’ve been listening to lots of radio. I’ve always been a wee bit of an NPR junkie, but in the past couple of months I’ve become quite devoted. However, a) my apartment does not get the greatest reception, and b) even NPR does not always have riveting programming. Recently I remembered that, duh! my laptop has a DVD player, and many libraries have DVD collections. So I’ve been checking out DVDs for entertainment also. My current viewing pleasure in a series called Foyle’s War, which airs on PBS here in America. Of course, if you knit, you generally start looking at knitting everywhere, including your television. It’s not even deliberate, you just can’t help yourself! And Foyle’s War has some great looking knitwear. Here, for your viewing pleasure, screencaps of some of my favorites from the latest episode I’ve got out (hope this isn’t violating any copyright laws!).

Okay, the color is a bit dowdy, but the design up the front is quite distinctive, no? I think it would look great in a nice deep red or perhaps a purple (although for my personal recreation attempts, I would probably try to avoid purple as I’m currently drowning in it).

I honestly don’t care for the style of this vest–it’s a bit on the short side and makes it distressingly obvious that the man wearing it has extremely high-waisted trousers (even, if the costuming in this series is anything to go by, by WWII standards). However, I love the color scheme and the look of the fair isle pattern. I actually have a load of green/brown/cream yarn earmarked for a fair isle sweater for myself and I may be using this screencap as inspiration on the drawing board. I have to say also that I wonder if the costume department has it in for knitwear–the only characters ever wearing anything technically interesting are unattractive or not especially likeable. The woman in the grey cardigan is a Nazi sympathizer and a traitor, for example.

Anyway, it’s a great series! Aside from the knitting, the plotlines are great, it’s set in a very scenic part of England, and Anthony Howell gets lots of screentime and is very easy on the eyes:


Really, what more could you ask for?

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