Lots of stuff to show off today. First up, Anne is really moving along:


Just a few more rows of lace and then it’ll be into the stockinette bit. Since I’m planning on keeping the sleeves for this piece fairly short, it might actually be done soon (of course, I have now guaranteed that it won’t be done for another year…).

And on the subject of project that should have been done a while ago, I pulled out Deirdre this weekend:


You may recall that poor Deirdre had half a sleeve and a few balls of yarn stolen back in August. This was, frankly, depressing. It also meant I did not have enough yarn left to finish the project. Overall I was just not feeling much interest. So I packed it away for a while. Saturday morning I took it out, tried on what’s been knit so far, and discovered that I really liked the look of it and was anxious to have the remaining bits and pieces finished so I could wear it out and about in public. I’ve found a source for the remaining Cotton Glace that I’m going to need, so running out of yarn should not be a problem. I have had to do some swatching to see if my new size 4 needles deliver the same gauge as my old size 4 Addi’s, but I’m now back onto the first sleeve and it’s moving along beautifully. It may be a tad boring, but one thing about plain stockinette in the round is that it is fast.

And finally, I started some no-knead bread last night:


I made loads of this last winter, and then pretty much stopped baking over the summer because 100F is not a good temperature to be baking in if you don’t absolutely have to. However, it’s a little cooler out here, and I finally acquired an oven-safe pot (although I think I will need to find a smaller one at some point–this bread is going to be a little on the wide and flat side). So sometime this evening I will finally be eating artisan-quality bread straight from my own two hands.

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