New Yarn! (or, I <3 discontinued Rowan)

I know, I know, I’m trying to cut down on stash. But I feel one can make a small exception for discontinued yarns, right? They really won’t come along again (well, I am still holding out hope that Jaeger will see the light and undiscontinue all their yarn, but…that’s a whole other post on “wishful thinking” in and of itself). The new but discontinued yarn in question? Rowanspun DK, color “Catkin”:


There is still actually quite a bit of this stuff floating around ebay, but it’s coming up less and less often. I had (seriously) been drooling over this yarn for over a year so I decided to finally snap it up before it all disappeared. And…this is the really good part. Usually I am very leery of buying green yarn online because it’s *so* hard to get an accurate idea of the color (and if the shade is off, it can be so, so horrible). Well, this yarn was actually (I think), a *better* shade of green in person than it was online. So I really lucked out!

As far as comparability to current Rowan yarns go, I think Harris Tweed is probably the nearest thing they have to Rowanspun. But, the Rowanspun is a lot thinner, though it does seem to bloom out a bit.

Believe it or not, this is the first yarn I’ve bought since I moved (two months!). Might be the last new yarn I buy this year…I’m trying to enforce a “finish two, buy one” rule but at the moment I’m all about starting stuff and less about following through, it seems.

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