Knitting by me

Even though this is, in theory, a knitblog, and furthermore, my knitblog, which you would imagine would feature my knitting rather heavily, I have been rather remiss in posting anything I’ve knit lately. Sure, I’ve been cooking, and acquiring yarn, and ogling knits on PBS, but you might be under the impression that I have given up on actual knitting.

Fear not, gentle reader, my own personal knitting has not stopped. It has slowed a little. And also, I am working on something that I justmightmaybewhoknows submit to somewhere, so I feel the need to keep it under wraps at the moment. But I have also been plugging away on my personal goal of the moment, getting myself out of this glut of purple projects that I seem to be lost in at the moment (the new and unnamed project is, incidentally, also purple–but I think that’s the end of purple yarn I brought out in the move so variety should be forthcoming soon). To that end, the front bit of Anne is moving along, slowly but undeniably:


I snapped this this morning before running out to my 9AM lab. The lighting situation in my apartment is seriously unfunny–I think this weekend’s project is going to be finding a suitably sized box and making a new lightbox! At any rate, I’m now into the plain stockinette part of the front of Anne, so the major looming design decision is how low to scoop the scooped neckline. Risque or demure? Hmmm.

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