King Corn

I was listening to the radio last night while doing laundry, and On Point was doing a piece on corn, with a focus on this new documentary that’s coming out, King Corn. I am absolutely fascinated by food so of course I listened and now I really want to see the documentary! It was also really interesting to get some of the history on how corn became such a ubiquitous (insidious?) product in America following WWII. I used to do a lot of reading of food labels (mostly looking for hidden meat or meat by-products in my early vegetarian days) and it is seriously unbelievable the number of things that contain high fructose corn syrup! Even foods that you don’t think of as needing to be particularly sweet seem to have a bit of it in there. I’ve heard it also gets added into a lot of low-fat foods to make up for the flavor lost with the fat (which sometimes means that the calorie count is exactly the same….check out the label on your low fat peanut butter sometime if you don’t believe me). It is also used a lot as animal feed, which makes me wonder what the ethanol-driven spike in corn prices is going to do to the cost of meat–naturally I would be thrilled if it meant people were going to consume less:) Anyway, the radio piece was really fascinating, so if you’re interested at all in food, agribusiness, etc., you might want to listen to it!

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