I’m continuing to work my way through Vegan with a Vengeance:


This is a spinach chickpea curry. There are actually tomatoes in there too, but they’ve blended in so much with everything else you can barely tell. I decided to take a liberty (just barely) with the recipe and throw in some diced potatoes, rather than serving it over rice, a modification I think I may be repeating in the future. Very tasty!

Not much knitting to report on, unfortunately–the school year is really kicking into high gear and I have roughly a million things I need to be doing. And I’m having guests staying with me later this week so I’m trying to get everything done before they arrive so I can play hostess without constant fretting about the work I’m supposed to be doing.

P.S. I noticed in one of the forums I occasionally frequent that today is Blog Action Day, and that the topic for this year is the environment. Frankly, I don’t feel like writing a whole other post, but as my “real” life is all about the environment, I’ll just make this one do double duty. So: see the delicious vegan food above? Did you know that in addition to being delicious, that vegan food is also reducing my carbon footprint? In case you’ve missed it, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization came out with a really interesting and informative report a while back, Livestock’s Long Shadow. I won’t bore you with all the statistics (read the report!), but one of the major points is that meat/dairy consumption is as big a contributor to greenhouse gas production as the transportation sector. So cutting down on your meat intake is a great way to green your lifestyle up a bit. If full blown vegetarianism/veganism is not for you, consider replacing a few meat-centered meals a week with vegetarian ones. It’s good for the planet AND good for you!

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